Account Management

The primary responsibility of the VPIB Account Manager is to manage customer relationships and the sales pipeline. This frees our clients’ time to focus on other important aspects of their business: growth, new markets, new business and more; giving our clients the competitive edge they need. 

Your VPIB Account Management Team is...


We are true solution providers always striving to know more, keeping up with industry trends, participating in industry showcases, learning products and developing supplier relationships. 


We engage fully with our clients’ business—assuming their brand and culture so that service is seamless to the customer. 

Strong Communicators

We understand that effective communication is crucial for establishing a one-to-one rapport, making professional presentations to customers, writing detailed reports, and effectively communicating details in email and in phone conversations. We clearly articulate information regarding products and services; explain the advantages they present in a clear and concise manner that is persuasive without being pushy. 

Customer Relations-Oriented

We earn our clients’ trust and we always keep their best interests at heart. We nurture relationships and go the extra mile to foster an environment that values clients and their customers. We understand that fantastic customer service will earn loyalty to our client’s brand and result in keeping that competitive edge. 


Our team at VPIB never loses sight of our clients’ goals. Our role is to generate results. We work hard to secure and maintain profitable accounts, monitor sales activity, and seek out new ways to upsell products and services to your customers, all with our eye on the goal: increasing your bottom line.