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General Services Questions [Top]

Can I test the service?

YES, we offer a prepaid 30 day trial service for Subscription Services or a prepaid 10 hour trial service for Special Project work. 

Can you monitor my email?

We do not monitor clients’ email, unless there is a special circumstance (vacation, illness, other). 

Anything that goes out – whether it is a call, presentation, order, etc is it presented as my company?

We use your clients’ customized logos on presentations and quotes. We also use your company branded emails and set up individualized signatures for each client so that all correspondence identifies your company.  Also, ALL orders would be from your system so, the POs, OAs, Invoices, etc. would all have your company name.  Calls are from our phone but, our caller id states “Business Team”.   If we call a customer or vendor or anyone on your behalf, we identify ourselves as being with your specific company.  

What is the best way to get project requests or orders to VPIB?

You can simply forward your customer’s request email to your VPIB Team OR you can write up an email outlining the request and send to your VPIB Team.

Do we need training in order to start working with your team?

No, we would communicate frequently especially in the beginning to ensure that we are all on the same page in regards to expectations of who is doing what.

Solutioning / Sourcing / Quoting [Top]

What is your level of experience with creative process?  Virtual proofs, presentations, etc.? 

Our team is highly experienced, with a combined 100+ years in this office.  We handle all levels of the project, including creative ideas, mockups, logistics, etc. 

How quickly do you respond to email and how long to get details back to customers?

We target to answer new project emails within 1-2 hours or sooner.  We send a reply email, with questions, if applicable and we give the customer an idea of when to expect the information back.  Generally, all sourcing and quoting is presented back to the customer within 24-48 hours or sooner, depending on workload and customer needs.  Also, EVERYTHING is contingent on the project delivery requirements and RUSH requests are prioritized accordingly.

When sourcing a new project do you ask us for a list of vendors we would like to be considered or do you just source the project?

We run with the projects.  No need to direct. 

Have you sourced print projects before?

In addition to promotional product industry experience, we have over 75 years combined print experience in this office, including one team member that has over 35 years working at commercial print plants. 

On presentation, do you provide virtual images of the products or standard ESP project?

Sometimes. We gauge the opportunity and do virtual mockups as necessary.  This can add a significant amount of time getting information back to a customer so, we do it sparingly.  You certainly don’t want the time spent doing virtuals for a $200 potential order.  However for a $5000 opportunity, it can be worth the time spent. 

Order Management [Top]

For Order Management - Do we need to scan and/or email in invoices to be processed? 

For orders your VPIB team manages, we obtain the vendor’s invoices directly from the vendor.  No need to forward your copy. 

Are the orders entered directly into my purchase order system so we can see the billing / status / etc.?

Yes, all orders are entered in our client’s system.

Do I need to do anything on an order, like following up with a vendor or sending the proofs to customers, once VPIB takes the order?

NO, VPIB will handle the order from start to finish, including sending an acknowledgement to your customer, handling proofing (also artwork changes, if applicable), tracking through production, handling issues if they come up, sending a ship notice to your customer with tracking.  Lastly, we obtain vendor invoices to pay vendor bill the order, sending your customer an invoice. 

How do I know the status on orders?

All orders managed by your VPIB Team through production are managed through our VITALS system (VPIB’s Internal Tracking and Logistics System). You, and possibly your team, would have personal logins to VITALS so that you can view the activity and statuses of the orders our team is managing for your company.