Account Management

Professional Account Management Services - As an inside Account Manager to your customer, your VPIB Team Lead is responsible for the management of sales and customer relationships. This frees our clients' time so that they can focus on other important aspects of their business.


The VPIB Team Members are true solutions providers to our clients and their customers. We are always striving to know more. We engage fully with our clients' businesses, assuming their brand and culture so that our service is seamless to their customers. We keep on top of industry trends, participate in industry showcases, learning products and developing supplier relationships.


The VPIB Team is customer relations oriented. We earn our clients' trust as their account manager to their customers and we always keep their best interests at heart. We nurture the relationships and go the extra mile to foster an environment that values clients and their customers. We understand that fantastic customer service will earn loyalty from our clients' customers which results in keeping the competition out.

Strong Communicators

At VPIB, our goal is to make sure that our communication is clear and concise. We understand that effective communication is crucial for making professional presentations to customers, establishing one-on-one rapport, writing detailed reports, and communicating via email and phone conversations. We clearly articulate your company's products or services and explain the advantages to them in a way that is persuasive without being pushy.


The Account Management Team at VPIB, does not lose sight of the clients' goals and our role in generating results. We work hard to do our part in securing and maintaining profitable accounts. We monitor our sales activity and actively seek ways to upsell products and services to your customers and most of all, increasing your bottom line.


Project Management

Total Project Management

Navigating through the intricate maze of the print and promotional product industry can be overwhelming and time consuming. Being able to respond promptly with solutions, to meet often pressing deadlines, can mean the difference in winning the customer's confidence and the sale. The VPIB team is positioned to respond to project requests with the urgency necessary to keep the momentum going.

Knowing which supplier(s) to engage, based on the project requirements, is essential to the success of your business. VPIB is committed to maintaining the most up-to-date information in an ever changing industry, thus engaging the "right" supplier and providing the "right" solution the first time. With over 100 years of combined experience in print, promotional products and sales and having an in-depth understanding of product and supplier knowledge, you can be assured that the professionals at VPIB will manage your project accurately and efficiently, providing sales winning solutions to your customers.

Project Management Services Include:
Project Management
Quoting / Proposals
RFP Assistance
Ecommerce Assistance
Graphic Design Services
Project Success

Business Development

Having "been there, done that", VPIB, Inc. is well versed in the issues facing small businesses and what it takes to get a business to the next level. Offering creative solutions to meet the unique business needs of our clients, we continually focus on improved productivity and most of all, increased profitability.

Business Consulting

Analyze client’s business and create solutions to help company improve performance and efficiency to meet their goals.

Account Development / Inside Sales

Prospecting new accounts and nurturing old or inactive accounts. Commission based options means no upfront investment for client.

Operation Planning

Planning and implementation of all phases of operations, including assisting clients in maximizing the effective use of systems already in place.